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Ulrik Hoffmann
Country Manager at RebelDot Nordic
Alastair Lidel
Senior Advisor
Ben Atherton
VP Growth
Radu Benga
Business Development
Alexandra Hadade
Business Development Support
Marius Mocian
Business Development
Andreea Pop
Business Growth Partner
Tudor Ciuleanu

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You’re in good company

Only when our clients declare success, we celebrate our success. We’re all about turning business challenges into product functionalities that streamline processes and power growth for your business.

"Project management was exceptional. We had strict timelines and a very high bar which was constantly exceeded. I cannot recommend their services enough."

Rich Pleeth

Operations Manager, FinMile

"I was impressed by their approach to understanding our business and translating that to a detailed feature map and wireframes for the project. It was a very thorough and thoughtful exercise that ultimately produced a better product."

Tyler Hanson

Vice President, Technology Portfolio & Strategy, Hagerty

"The way they addressed our user's needs, the openness with which they received feedback, and clear and transparent communication are just a few of the things that have made the collaboration so far efficient and enjoyable."

Diana Vranau

Head of User Experience, Bookster

"Rebeldot is an exceptional technical partner. The level of experience and skills, coupled with their commitment to deliver for their clients is outstanding."

Jonathan Horn

Founder & CEO, Treefera

"RebelDot has become our close, strategic partner because of their long-term perspective on relationship building and their capability of consistently creating competent teams with a strong company culture."

Henrik Søgaard Iversen

Partner, LAUTEC

"With vast experience, RebelDot quickly addresses problems, offering transparency and adaptability, setting them apart in managing unique project situations."

Sergiu Biris

Founder, eventmix

"I’m very impressed with their project management. The RebelDot team has a deep passion for the sector we're in and what we're trying to do, so they don't feel like a separate team."

Jaie Genadt

Co-Founder & CPTO, Neutrally

"I’m impressed by RebelDot’s code quality, and I’m very proud of the code review results. The platform is well-documented and neatly encoded."

Karolin Kruiskamp

CEO, Compleye

"The quality of the people is pretty impressive. There is a very special culture, they care about quality, they are passionate about doing good, they are fun and fair to work with."

Andrew Smith

CEO, Carecircle

"We appreciate their high skill set, high commitment, and great company culture. The outcome has been super good. It has been a learning journey also on our end."

Michael Knudsen

Head of Applications Development, Grundfos

"Their ability to be adaptable to new situations and to solve problems very quickly is impressive. They’re definitely someone you would want to work with."

Sergiu Biris

Founder, eventmix

"Using a collaborative and transparent approach, RebelDot ensures that development processes run smoothly and efficiently."

Anders Pihlkjaer

Managing Partner, LAUTEC

"The RebelDot team has always been available, responsive, and organized. They stay on top of their responsibilities throughout each sprint. Their team exceeds our expectations."

Ligia Paraschivescu

Marketing & Comms. Manager, Nova Power & Gas

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Tudor Ciuleanu
Andreea Pop
Marius Mocian
Alexandra Hadade
Radu Benga
Ulrik Hoffmann
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