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We're a cross-disciplinary team who creates experiences and meaningful connections

Technology enthusiasts, visionary experts, and kind people, beyond everything. People that you can grow with, have fun and create alongside.

Our communities

Our communities are vibrant ecosystem of minds, interconnected by shared missions and passions. It's a living network where ideas flow, collaboration sparks innovation, and mutual support fuels growth.

Product delivery community

Fosters collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation aiming to streamline processes, share best practices, and enhance product delivery efficiency.

Architecture community

Designs and oversees the technical blueprints of software systems, ensuring scalability, robustness, and optimal performance.

UX & Product design community

Translates user needs into intuitive, visually appealing designs, overseeing product ideation, wireframing, prototyping, and user experience.

Microsoft community

Develops enterprise-grade applications, harnessing the power of Microsoft technologies like .NET for backend development and Azure for cloud services.

React/React Native community

Develops rich, interactive UIs for web and mobile applications using Facebook's highly versatile React and React Native frameworks.

Angular community

Crafts robust, dynamic, single-page applications with scalability in mind, leveraging Angular, Google's popular web development platform.

Flutter community

Builds cross-platform mobile apps with seamless functionality and high performance, utilizing Google's Flutter SDK for a unified UI.

NodeJS community

Implements fast, scalable, and efficient server-side applications using the event-driven, non-blocking I/O model of Node.js.

Blockchain community

Engineers secure, decentralized systems, and smart contracts using Blockchain technology, driving transparency and reducing fraud.

Testing community

Guarantees software quality by developing test strategies, performing rigorous testing, and handling defect management to ensure bug-free releases.

What the Rebels think of our events

Being Rebels is something that always suits us well, we are rebels in thinking and rigorous.

"The success of our company is not just about delivering great products, but also about building lasting relationships with our clients, investing in our people, and embracing innovation."

Tudor Ciuleanu


"It's the most transparent company that I ever worked with. RebelDot embodies a unique culture of open communication and integrity."

Radu Benga

Business Development

"I chose RebelDot because of the people-first mentality, a commitment that shines brightly in every facet of the company's operations."

Andreea Pop

Business Growth Partner

"When talking to my colleagues, I never feel any difference of position or level, even with our CEO or Managers. Everybody is friendly and helpful."

Dragos Cojocea


"This is not just a company but a thriving community where quality work and exciting events are woven into the fabric of our everyday life."

Adriana Diaconu

People and Culture

"Every day at this company, we bring our best to the table, delivering top-tier work and fostering a culture that truly values fun, camaraderie, and growth."

Alexandru Birsan

Delivery Director

"Our company blends work and play seamlessly, resulting in a culture that inspires both quality of the work we do and togetherness."

Iulia Pop

Chief People Officer

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Andreea Pop
Marius Mocian
Alexandra Hadade
Radu Benga
Ulrik Hoffmann
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