A process with your users at the core of the product

We’re all about turning sketches into market-ready products, full product rehauls, and exploring new ways of digitalization for enterprise-level companies.


The research forms the initial stage of the UX and Product design process, wherein we outline the obstacles and objectives.


In the first step of each iteration, we evaluate the insights gained from the research phase and the preceding design iteration.


From wireframes to low and high fidelity prototypes, the goal of the design phase is fulfilling the user needs.

Our process for building new products

Building new products is a dynamic and collaborative process that blends creativity with practicality. It's an exciting journey from the spark of an idea to the satisfaction of a product launch.

Our process for expanding existing products

Expanding existing products is a strategic process of leveraging established successes, identifying user needs, and innovating creatively to add new features, thereby enhancing product value and market reach.

Our process for building enterprise products

Enterprise product development is a complex, iterative process involving understanding business needs, integrating advanced technologies, and ensuring scalability and security to deliver solutions that drive organizational efficiency and growth.

Enterprise products

Creating a robust digital product adheres to universal principles, yet enterprise procedures may differ based on industry, culture, and structure.

Great products result from a clear understanding of the business goals and the users’ expectations. While we love our processes, we’re just as comfortable adapting them whenever they don’t fully serve the strategy of our partner.

Tudor Ciuleanu
Andreea Pop
Marius Mocian
Alexandra Hadade
Radu Benga
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Tudor Ciuleanu
Andreea Pop
Marius Mocian
Alexandra Hadade
Radu Benga
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