About us

We are passionate rebels in thinking and rigorous in execution

Our mission is to create value through technology within honest partnerships. We have the vision of building a thriving society based on fair relations.

We redefine the meaning of rebel. Having the Rebel spirit means living day by day by our core values.

Our values are a reminder of who we are and what we want to become. We use them as a true north, guiding our every decision, starting with the way we approach our projects to how we treat the people we work with.

Our values shape our client relationships into partnerships filled with shared visions, mutual respect, and a deep care for each other's success. We're always up for exploring new ideas and pushing boundaries, ensuring everyone involved grows and feels fulfilled.

We aim to make work fulfilling and even fun. So, expect a partnership with us to be as much about good times as it is about great results.

"The success of our company is not just about delivering great products, but also about building lasting relationships with our clients, investing in our people, and embracing innovation."

Tudor Ciuleanu


Our values

We believe in togetherness, care, growth, fulfillment and fun. Here’s what we mean when we say this.


We’re here because we share a similar vision. But you see things in a way that I might not and vice versa. So why not glance at the full picture together? Surely the view is spectacular.


Our success is rooted in our people and partners. This inspires a culture of genuine care that permeates beyond formal meetings, infusing into every minor interaction throughout our day-to-day.


We provide a safe-place for idea exploration with new technology, blending proven solutions with creativity. Our strength lies in the growth of those we work with.


We are committed to making your job fulfill your needs - from forming friendships and community to personal and professional growth, creating a satisfying work experience tailored to you.


We work, and we have fun together. Enjoying the company of those we work with fuels an exciting and fulfilling environment.

RebelDot in numbers

Numbers are not always a perfect measure of success, but they’re a sign the path is right.


Rebels in our team

Year over year healthy growth

Our team growth demonstrates our dynamic culture and relentless pursuit of expansion and innovation.


Employee retention rate

And this percentage is expected to grow

Strong employee retention rate reflects our nurturing environment, fostering loyalty, growth, and long-term success.


Employee NPS

Measured in 2022

Empowered and engaged employees fueling our outstanding Employee NPS, a testament to our culture.


Average team experience

A result of our efforts to build a stable team

Our impressive median tenure highlights our team's dedication, expertise, and commitment to long-term success.


of new clients are referrals

Most of our partners are fuel to our growth

Our thriving client referrals showcase our exceptional service, building trust and driving sustainable business growth.


Client NPS

Measured in 2022

Exceptional customer satisfaction, reflected in our NPS score, showcasing our commitment to excellence.

Build better with us

Tell us about your project and the way in which our team can help your business.

Tudor Ciuleanu
Andreea Pop
Marius Mocian
Alexandra Hadade
Radu Benga
Ulrik Hoffmann
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