A Tale of Discipline and Adaptability: Andrei's Journey to Tech and RebelDot

Andrei's journey is a compelling narrative of unexpected transitions, embodying a leap from the realms of philology and history into the intricate world of IT. It's a tale that speaks volumes of his adaptability, curiosity, and relentless pursuit of growth.

Once you find yourself in our quaint office in Oradea, a sense of familiarity and community warmth wraps you the moment you step in. Andrei is one of the members of our small community in the art nouveau city, and the first thing I noticed about him was how well-organized he is. His desk is always tidy, and the objects on it are meticulously positioned. When I asked him to book a meeting to talk about this interview, he gave me a sneak peek into his calendar, where it was impossible not to notice (pardon my indiscretion) how perfectly each of his tasks was organized.

After having the chance to get to know him better while working on this article, I understood that his organizational qualities are a reflection of his methodical nature, a trait that extends to his interactions with colleagues and professional background. Always ready for a chat, Andrei embodies the office's spirit of openness and support. His journey until today is the result of the mindset of a man who exemplifies the balance between personal discipline, courage, and passion. Why courage? Read the interview below.


Alright, Andrei, first things first: can you tell me a bit about your role in our company?

Yes, of course. I'm a full-stack developer, specializing in React & .NET. Initially, I joined the company as a React developer, but I've also been working with .NET for the past year and a half. I've been with RebelDot for almost two years, mainly focusing on the DMG project.

How did you end up at RebelDot?

My journey to RebelDot is quite unique since I don't come from a technical background. I graduated in Philology and even started studying History before realizing in my second academic year that I wanted something different — I didn't see myself in Romania's educational system. So, I took a six-month programming course, and one of my mentors suggested I help with some personal projects.

Wow, that was a bold move! What happened next?

That led me to work on projects for clients in the States, and after a few months, my mentor offered me a full-time position, working on the SKY News platform in the UK. It was an intense learning experience, working with their component library and gaining exposure to many aspects of the job. Two years later, I wanted to explore the IT landscape in Romania, desiring office work and community engagement. After some research, I found three companies that caught my eye, including RebelDot, which eventually became my choice.

Why did you choose RebelDot?

Before attending interviews, I researched each company's culture, which was very important to me. RebelDot stood out because of its values— togetherness, growth, care, fun — it felt like being part of a family where I could grow. During the interview with RebelDot, I realized these values were genuinely practiced in the company, confirming what I had read on their website.

But did you find these values reflected in the company even after joining?

Absolutely, I encounter them daily. I love this company for its clear focus on people and their growth, which is not always genuinely emphasized elsewhere. Even though my experience with different companies is limited, discussions with friends in other companies make it clear that RebelDot’s environment is unique.

What drew you to the IT field? Was it just because it seemed trendy, or did you have a passion for it?

While the IT sector's popularity is obvious, the fact that you don’t necessarily need a formal education to enter the field attracted me, and I’ve always been fascinated by technology and computers. Even when I was studying Philology. Since childhood, I’ve played PC games, and in high school, I got involved with the online strategy game Tribal Wars. I loved experimenting with CSS elements, even creating a forum to discuss strategies for the game. This early interest puzzled me for a while, but eventually, I recognized it as a passion and decided to pursue it professionally.

What’s your opinion on the RebelDot community in Oradea?

I really enjoy it. We’re like a small family here, especially because we’re a close-knit group that communicates easily and freely.

You mentioned that RebelDot is a place where you can grow. Can you share a moment that exemplified this for you?

I can’t pinpoint a definitive moment, but I’ve felt continuous growth over the last two years, especially due to the experienced people I work with at RebelDot. The project I’m on is technically complex and has significantly contributed to my growth, both technically and in terms of soft skills.

Can you share a challenge you’ve encountered on the project you work on or something that made a lasting impression?

The discussions I’ve had over time with both the client and our team have been enlightening. I’ve learned that it’s not always possible for everyone to agree on everything, and delivering quality on time often requires finding a valuable middle ground.

What’s it like interacting with clients?

I enjoy it because interacting with clients allows me to guide them toward technically feasible solutions. I value the chance to consult for the client and steer them in the right direction to achieve their desired outcomes.

Ok, let’s leave the work life behind. Do you have any hobbies or passions outside of work?

I’m very passionate about sports, especially football, although I haven’t had much time to play recently. I like to try new things; for instance, I attempted to learn guitar, which didn’t go well. I ended up wanting to throw it out the window because my fingers hurt so much.

What relaxes you? How do you usually unwind?

Nature walks and hiking help me disconnect from technology. I also enjoy reading, though being a workaholic, I often read programming and technical books. It helps me evolve in the field. Currently, I’m reading a book on architecture fundamentals. It’s essential to read introductory books to realize how much we don’t know and figure out which direction to move forward.

If you could witness one technological discovery, what would it be and why?

I’d choose the moment the internet was discovered for the chance to shape things from the beginning, possibly even working on the first web browser.

How do you see technology evolving in the next few years? Will technology take over the world?

I don’t believe technology will take over the world, but it will become more integrated into our daily lives, from smart homes to smart cars, with AI playing a significant role in automating and technologizing our lives. As developers, we’ll benefit from more automation and code-generation tools, but that doesn’t mean developers will become obsolete. We’ll still be needed to shape and mold technology. We’ll see in what way.

Concerning AI, aren’t you worried that we might not be able to differentiate between reality and AI-generated content?

Speaking of this, have you seen OpenAI’s latest release, Sora? Pretty cool, right? We’ll likely develop a heightened skepticism towards the content we see, questioning its authenticity more. However, I hope these issues will be well-regulated in the future, even though the risk of manipulation will always exist. We’re currently in an experimental phase, but as these technologies advance, I expect stringent regulations by government institutions. We’ll find ways to adapt, as humans have always done throughout history.

What advice would you give to people without a technical background who want to enter this field?

From my experience, starting from scratch in a new field requires a lot of motivation and hard work. However, I encourage anyone interested to pursue it, but only if they have a genuine interest and passion. You might find it’s not the right field for you without passion. You will waste time, much like my guitar learning attempt. If you’re passionate, I believe you’ll succeed and find joy in your work.

Before we conclude this discussion, is there anything you’d like to add?

Not at all. I didn’t have anything specific in mind; I wanted our conversation to be open, without predetermined topics, to see where it leads and adapt along the way. Being flexible is crucial, both in life and at RebelDot.

You realize this will go into the article, right? You just gave a great answer without intending to.

Haha, perfect!


Andrei's journey is a compelling narrative of unexpected transitions, embodying a leap from the realms of philology and history into the intricate world of IT. It's a tale that speaks volumes of his adaptability, curiosity, and relentless pursuit of growth. His story is also about the underlying traits that enable such a transformation: a well-organized approach to challenges, a keen eye for detail, and a profound commitment to personal and professional development. Andrei's narrative is a reminder that with the right mix of discipline, passion, and curiosity, the boundaries between disciplines are not barriers but gateways to new knowledge and achievements.

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