App reputation management and why your business needs it

Let’s all agree on this, once something goes online, it is usually there forever. This makes

Let’s all agree on this, once something goes online, it is usually there forever.

This makes it vital that you keep track of your online reputation and do what you can to minimize any harmful statements about you or your brand.

On the other hand, reputation, in the case of an app, can be defined as the process you need to go through as a brand when a user highlights positive reviews about specific characteristics or features, deemphasizing negative feelings about your solution on the internet.

You must place this matter on the tip of the iceberg because it’s not an actionable goal but more of a result of several actions related to it.

To sum up, reputation is defined as the voice of users.

What is app reputation management?

Several businesses use reputation management software to respond to negative reviews while encouraging positive ones. To give you a more in-depth definition, brand reputation management monitors how consumers perceive your business and take strategic action to improve your brand’s image.

Nowadays, app reputation management is centered around monitoring and protecting your brand’s online image in reviews, social media, forums, app stores and Google.

As we already know, most customers rely on online reviews by past customers when researching products or services online. This means if your business receives overwhelmingly positive reviews, acquiring new customers becomes an easy job.

According to our internal research, it seems like 71% of social media users recommend a product or a service if they have had a positive experience. Such recommendations are going to increase your sales pipeline.

By connecting the dots, you would be able to put words into action.

Without doing anything out of the ordinary.

As a business owner, to measure your brand’s share of voice, you need to listen first. You couldn’t have been called a brand in the first place if it weren’t for them.

The benefits of app reputation management software

App reputation management software is suitable for all companies. It’s also proven to be useful for small businesses that want to improve their services and increase sales. It’s an indispensable tool for attracting customers, keeping the existing ones engaged and, in the end, building your brand’s image.

Here are the benefits of using reputation management software for your business.

  1. Finding out about customer complaints – It makes you aware of your customers’ problems and helps you find timely solutions.
  2. Improving customer service – Lets you access all your client queries, complaints, reviews, and other issues in one place, enabling a faster response.
  3. Building customer trust –  The system helps you maintain a more trusted brand.
  4. Word-of-mouth marketing – An app reputation management software helps you market your business via positive word-of-mouth reviews.
  5. Enhancing transparency – The software can make this effortless if you struggle with ensuring transparency.
  6. Identifying business opportunities – New opportunities can be identified for your business via online reviews.
  7. Increasing online activity – Building consistency on social media can be a challenge to most businesses, but an app reputation management software can help you be more active online.
  8. Building a strong customer base – The software can help you build a solid database of your customers.

Can tech be the overall solution?  

Technology can help and support app reputation but cannot be an overarching solution.

Why? We have a few insights on this.

Personalized experience for the users

Personalization has played a key role in user experience for many years now.

If we think about how many products and services have grown to become on-demand, users have set their expectations along with it. This means you need to upgrade your methods to keep them happy and engaged in the long term.

A study by Forrester found that “77% of consumers have chosen, recommended or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience.”

Going back to 2020, according to Salesforce, 51% of consumers expect that companies will anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions before they make contact.

Most commonly, users expect products and services to be tailored to them, and many users will now switch to another brand, because they know they can find that level of personalization they are looking for elsewhere.

“Personalization allows a product or a service to fit seamlessly into a user’s lifestyle or routine, making the entire back-end process feel so invisible.”

What’s the trick?

Always include personalization as one of your key pieces when building out the user experience.

Ability to generate proper reporting and actionable insights

Transform your data with actionable insights!

Learn how to effectively use data and analytics to inform your marketing strategy. It might be overwhelming, but just think about how lost we’ll be in this digital world without proper reporting and actionable next steps.

To build a brand and to become one is the most important thing for your success.

Compliance constraints

Certain regulations in effect or to come into effect (like Digital Services Act) require human intervention when acting on or replying to certain customer concerns.

It is also a good practice to have a system in place for reviewing tech-driven decisions, as even the best tools can mislabel certain posts, especially when it comes to sentiment analysis.

While this is not in effect yet, rules and regulations regarding AI systems’ biases are discussed worldwide, so the human element can be a solid complement to your tech stack.

How can we help?

We promise you this by fully embracing the meaning of “the guardians of your app”.

We’ll encourage more users or members from your online community to leave reviews (or ratings), efficiently influencing your rating (the rule of thumb is to be above 4.0, ideally 4.5).

Paying equal attention to your existing and potential customers, keeping an eye on how we can support, maintain and personalize their lifetime value.

What else?

Due to the SLA agreement, we cannot treat your customers or users with preferential support.

One of our beliefs is hidden between the words care and fulfillment, which gives us the responsibility and a different level of maturity to treat all with respect, no matter their corporate background or title.

Last but not least is the ability to feel the pulse of your customers, especially because ratings aren’t set in stone. As well as reading between the lines for those influencer types of reviews.

If we didn’t list all your concepts and thoughts on this matter, let’s talk.

You can also read our latest content moderation article and check the customer experience services that our team can offer to your business. 

Mara Crisan


I am a marketing enthusiast and a photographer. To be honest, I never dreamt of a better profession, as these two go hand in hand perfectly. A few words for you my dears - be yourself, speak your mind and share your soul.

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