Pedalling alongside MTB Odyssey Apuseni Race 2023

We are happy to announce our sponsorship of the MTB Odyssey Apuseni 2023

We are happy to announce our sponsorship of the MTB Odyssey Apuseni 2023. This sponsorship aligns with our company’s continuous commitment to encourage community growth, resilience, and the pursuit of an active and healthy lifestyle. We firmly believe in the transformative power of cycling, not just as a sport, but as a platform for individuals to conquer personal challenges, engage with nature, and strengthen their character.

The MTB Odyssey Apuseni Race 2023, organized by CSAU and the TMF Association, invites both neophyte and seasoned cyclists to test their limits, enjoy Romania’s scenic landscapes, and be ambassadors of two-wheel sports. Participants can choose from the 25km short route with approximately 1000m D+ elevation, or the 50km medium route with around 2000m D+. Both courses will guide the cyclists towards Muntele Mare, with the medium route additionally covering Piatra Grosilor, Valea Galbena, Valea Ratoiul Mic, Valea Iara, and Valea Podurilor. For e-bike riders, a section of the medium course will be available, tailored to suit the optimal distance for e-bikes.

MTB Odyssey Apuseni Race 2023

We acknowledge the spirit of inclusivity that embodies the event, and we encourage cyclists of all genders to sign up for the race that suits their physical preparation level. As a company, we take immense pride in promoting events like the MTB Odyssey Apuseni Race 2023 that champion physical fitness, mental strength, and community spirit. It's more than just a race; it's a testament to human endurance, a celebration of collective achievement, and a promotion of healthier lifestyle choices.

The organizers have also planned a slew of exciting attractions for the participants. From participation kits and finisher medals to an engaging gallery at the basecamp and refreshment points, the event promises to be as enthralling as it is challenging. There will also be a new program variant that involves the families, juniors, and supporters of both amateur and professional cyclists.

At RebelDot, we're committed to enhancing our communities through initiatives like these. We see immense value in supporting the MTB Odyssey Apuseni Race, where people come together, break boundaries, and most importantly, enjoy the thrill of the ride. We are incredibly excited about our partnership with MTB Odyssey Apuseni Race 2023, and we hope to inspire more individuals to embark on their own cycling adventures.

Andrei Temneanu

Head of Marketing

Head of Marketing for RebelDot, Andrei is the perfect combination of innovation, strategy, and creativity all rolled into one.

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