The story behind RebelStore

Our super-simple scheme on how things turned out. How it all started – RebelDot Ever since

Our super-simple scheme on how things turned out.

How it all started  - RebelDot

Ever since becoming RebelDot, we have paid equal attention to how we treat our customers and our colleagues.

With every person in our team being authentic and valued for their attitude first and foremost, we knew that there was something that we could do to complement their authenticity and our culture as a whole.

We are a tech company, and while our focus remains on technology, we wish to break the pattern of “we need to do this because others within the industry are doing it.” With this statement in mind came the idea of gifting our colleagues with “Rebel” merchandise.

We thought about merchandise, but the challenge was doing something different than the rest of the companies. Something that our people would naturally embrace, something that was not going to be “forced” upon them, but so cool that you cannot help but just wear it.

We designed hoodies, t-shirts, tote bags, and coffee mugs that put the concept of being a rebel first, more like a reinterpretation of our logo, a way to highlight the essence of what RebelDot stands for.

Of course, it was a total success, and in a matter of time, we started seeing people rocking our merch in different cities of Romania and even other countries in Europe.

What was unexpected was seeing friends of our colleagues/rebels and friends of their friends asking where they could also buy our “Rebel” merch.

Pretty amazing, right?

Where are we now - RebelStore

Two years ago, we talked about what it would be like to have our store.

1st of March 2022 – we launched RebelStore.

We didn’t know from the beginning what implications it would have, but we learned on the go.

The so-called go with the flow, that’s exactly what we did.

I did not mention that we had in mind the idea of a community store – what does this mean? Having a store, but not a common one, all our profits were redistributed to different social causes. In this case, we helped promote our local designers and visual artists while, at the same time, we helped the community around them to grow, develop and succeed.

It was two months of intense work, from meetings with the marketing & web development, all the way to finding the best distributors for our merch, and not to mention – the photography sessions.

Our first campaign, entitled “We give and receive hope”, was aimed at helping the Ukrainian refugees from around the shelters in Romania. Within the first month, we managed to raise 5,700 RON, which was donated to a local school Elf, sustaining their efforts towards offering educational support to Ukrainian children.

What are the next steps looking for us  

One of our biggest goals would probably be to help as many organizations as possible. Furthermore, to support the local communities with our online purchases.

To do so, we have some big plans in mind, such as collaborating with multiple local artists and their affiliate brands to make RebelStore known on a bigger scale.

We are confident that, no matter the number of people involved in this project, they will all have the same values and amount of empathy we are looking for in this special project.

On the other hand, we plan on launching a new collection, which is already in the making, as we have all the graphics and materials in place. It will be a new set of hoodies, t-shirts, tote bags, and coffee mugs. In one word, reinventing – keeping the same articles but making them a little bit more artistry by giving other artists the chance to put a spin on our rebel concept.

For this especially, we are working with a studio from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, to make it happen. The new collection will be available soon, but we’ll make it public once it’s live.

It takes people  

It takes a group of people to put things into motion, not to mention connecting everyone under a genuine and realistic vision to do something for the greater good.

To sum up, we truly have high hopes for this project. And we count on each and one of you to make it better. But more, to reach that level where our store is a go-to place whenever you want to donate a specific amount of money to charity or any social organization.

Mara Crisan


I am a marketing enthusiast and a photographer. To be honest, I never dreamt of a better profession, as these two go hand in hand perfectly. A few words for you my dears - be yourself, speak your mind and share your soul.

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