RebelDot x Velements: A sustainable merchandise collection

This is our first attempt at creating cool and sustainable merchandise. RebelDot X Velements is an introductory collection of 10 upcycled tote bags.

A rebel way to encourage our people and maybe you too in consuming fashion more sustainably and leading more sustainable lives.

All the money raised as part of this auction will be donated to Little People, an NGO which offers emotional support for child and teenage patients suffering from cancer.

10 unique upcycled tote bags

Each article has been made by Adrian Vele, head designer at Velements, using fabrics from clothing that we collected from our colleagues, as part of the campaign. A total of 10 hoodies, 4 pair of jeans and 6 jackets have been used to construct these unique pieces.

What is the issue with fast fashion?

Did you know that, within fast-fashion industry, to make just one cotton t-shirt, no less than 3000 liters of water are wasted? Not only that fast -fashion pollutes when producing cheap and low-quality clothing, but it has consequences after the production process. 85% of the total amount of fast-fashion clothing produced annually goes to waste. Approximately 500 thousand tons of micro-fiber which spills into the ocean the equivalent of nearly 50 billion plastic bottles.

What is this page trying to achieve?

We want to drive awareness around consuming fashion sustainably, endorsing upcycling as an environmentally friendly practice. It is something we wanted to do for our people, a behavior we wanted to encourage, which turned out to be a shift that could benefit the industry and world around. There are nearly 200 of us, so we figured that even if a fraction of the rebels would engage in this new behavior, maybe we could spark a change and, as Adrian says, actually wear the change we want to see.

Combating Waste -> Upcycling Merchandise.

Born-again clothing for a born-again mindset

People, as well as companies, can reach out to Adrian, Designer Head @velements to give old clothes a new purpose and give creativity a chance to reduce waste. Velements creates repurposed outfits and that cause environmental change, transforming clothing design for very limited series or even unique pieces. Everything is hand-made and in-house, with Adrian and his team at the process from start-to-end. If you want to be part of the change, reach out to velements team.

Bringing hope to Little People

Every year, in Romania and Republic of Moldova, over 2000 children fight for a chance at a normal life. And that couldn’t be done without the help of Little People Association. They offer high-quality emotional support in the clinical environment, complex events for young cancer survivors, material support provided to pediatric oncology wards, constant care, and involvement from a dedicated team.

Children go through this experience with The Brave Lion (Leul Curajos) who encourages them and makes the whole experience bearable. They hold hands with the lion when things go bad and share their experience with someone they trust.

For all the amazing work that they do, they need all the help they can get. That’s why we’re joining forces in 2023 and will donate the money raised from our different actions that aim to give back to the community.

Dragos Cojocea


I am a tech marketing enthusiast, who strongly believes that creativity has an incontestable impact on the digital growth of a business. My aim is to become a Brand Strategist and for that I am currently striving to support startup founders in crafting human communication strategies for their B2B brands.

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