2022 – A year in review at RebelDot

As we just wrapped up another year at RebelDot, let’s take a moment to reminisce about all the amazing things that have happened in 2022.

As we just wrapped up another year at RebelDot, let’s take a moment to reminisce about all the amazing things that have happened in 2022. From continuing to launch top-tier web and mobile apps to seriously expanding our team and fine-tuning our software development processes, it’s been a whirlwind of a year. And we’re so excited to share some of the highlights of it with you. So, grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and let’s look back on the good times we had at RebelDot in 2022.

But before delving into our retrospective, here’s a series of metrics, such as eNPS, NPS, Glassdoor rating and Clutch rating, a collection of reviews from both our rebels and the amazing clients we collaborate with, a subjective, yet insightful feedback which we are beyond grateful to have obtained following our 2022 journey:

RebelDot 2022 numbers

Getting back to the office

After almost two years of remote work, our team was eager to get back to the office. So, we took the opportunity to redesign our workspace and create a more collaborative and inspiring environment. The outcomes were spectacular. Our team has never been more energised, creative, or well-connected. Our RebelDot office is buzzing with creativity and collaboration, making it the perfect place to tackle complex projects and drive success. The Headquarters situated on Buftea Street has become central to our corporate culture, promoting togetherness and a common mission among team members, a space for us to gather, inspire each other and build meaningful relationships which will ultimately turn into building high-quality digital products.

The renovation of our former reception area into a warm and inviting café is one of the most exciting aspects of our new workplace layout. This decision has had a profound impact on the office atmosphere and has become a hub of activity for both our team and visitors alike. The Rebel café is used for a variety of purposes, from casual meetings or casual brainstorming sessions to just grabbing a cup of coffee and catching up with friends.

It’s a place where everyone, from regulars to newcomers, can feel comfortable and work together productively. The café has done a wonderful job of strengthening our community by providing a friendly and open space that encourages interaction and innovation. In no time, it has become a symbol of our company’s values and the rebeldot culture, and one of the aspects we take the most pride in is our new location.

Creating a pet-friendly workplace: A step towards employee well-being

Pets are a big part of our lives and leaving them behind all day can be tough. That’s why we decided to make one of our offices pet-friendly and sure thing, the outcome was a real mood-booster.

It’s like having an inbuilt icebreaker; The Alverna office feels now even more fun and playful, and it helps us all bond in novel ways. It’s hard not to smile when you see a wagging tail or a furry face.

Now, colleagues don’t have to rush home to let the pup out or feel guilty for leaving them cooped up all day. Not to mention the difference that bringing your furry friend to work can make in finding that sought-after work-life balance.

By doing this, we’re not only making work a little easier, but also a lot more fun. Who wouldn’t want to work with a bunch of cute, cuddly dogs by their side?

RebelDot office pet-friendly

Got onboard 80 new rebels in 2022

It surely has been a tough beginning of the year. With the pandemic, the war, and all the other craziness going on, you’d think nothing could go right.

But, despite the challenges posed by these tough circumstances, our team continued to grow and thrive, as we’ve welcomed no less than 80 new joiners in the past year, massively growing the engineering department which triggered a simultaneous growth of the other departments as well.

People are still choosing to join RebelDot, and the ones who were already here have stuck around and continued to create amazing digital products. It is inspiring to observe the resilience of nearly 200 rebels in the face of adversity.

And get this – not only are people joining, but we’re also seeing more and more of our team members deciding to stay and build their careers with us. A series of metrics which we are beyond grateful to have achieved would be the 14.3% attrition rate. It’s a testament to the supportive and impactful work environment we’ve built.

We’re not just surviving; we’re thriving and it’s all thanks to our amazing team.

Also, here’s an excerpt, just a few answers that our People & Culture team got from our colleagues answering the question “What do you most appreciate in RebelDot?”:

RebelDot culture in 2022

And here’s what Tudi had to say about RebelDot in 2022:

If you want to get an insight into how we do things at RebelDot and why we do it, here’s a conversation between Tudor Ciuleanu, CEO of RebelDot and Doru Supeala, as part of his Hacking Work podcast series, about the type of leadership cultivated in RebelDot, the values we’re guided by and essentially the company culture, deconstructed.


Expanding horizons: diversifying our client base in 2022

This past year has triggered major growth and expansion for us, as we’ve welcomed a diverse range of new clients worldwide. Our portfolio has grown to include exciting projects across a variety of industries such as real estate, fintech, healthcare, social, (green) energy, retail and more, allowing us to showcase our versatility and expertise on a global scale.

With this growth, we began working with a wider range of businesses, adopting new technologies and creating meaningful connections with each new client to constantly bring value and create more opportunities for them. We’re thrilled about the future and all the opportunities for continued growth and exploration that lie ahead.

RebelDot software team

Ciprian Iacob: stepping up as our new Chief Technology Officer

Another significant milestone in 2022 was the appointment of Ciprian Iacob, who began his journey with RebelDot as a Technology Lead, to the position of Chief Technology Officer.

Ciprian is passionate about people and technology and about contributing to creating an environment where everyone can thrive, having previously managed product teams and led communities of practice. He’s been working with RebelDot for over a year now, helping us strengthen the tech community and leading remarkable development efforts for one of our partners, a world-leading energy provider.

With Ciprian in this role, we can streamline our technological processes and make sure that our team is aligned and working towards a common goal. The development team has been thriving, making impressive strides, thanks to Ciprian’s support and guidance, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and consistently delivering leading solutions.

Having a dedicated CTO, not only demonstrates our commitment to staying on the forefront of technological advancements, but it also allows us to focus on our long-term vision of delivering the highest quality digital products and strengthening the foundations of the technology community inside RebelDot.

Staying ahead of the curve: upgrading our tech stack and refining our skills

Lately, we’ve been making significant progress concerning technical expertise too, not only acquiring more clients but also refreshing our tech stack. We’ve embraced the latest technologies that streamline our processes and elevate the quality of our digital products but also deepened our expertise on the technologies we were already using, making sure our team is staying ahead of the curve.

From sleek and modern Frontend frameworks like React, React Native, Angular, and Flutter, to powerful Backend tech like .NET, NodeJS, Firebase, and Python, and scalable Infrastructure solutions like Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Firebase, our team of tech enthusiasts has been laser-focused on mastering these technologies to continue delivering innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

Besides, both Blockchain development, as well AI have become integral solutions as part of our technology stack, having already implemented them in the projects we are excited to share with you soon. Moreover, being mindful of the limited amount of opportunities to break into blockchain development as a junior, but also of the immense potential and capacity of our local talent, last year we have also onboarded a team of junior developers as part of our Blockchain internship.

This double-pronged approach — investing in both new and familiar technologies and growing our team — has allowed us to offer a wider range of services and tackle more ambitious projects with ease, allowing our team to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and deliver web and mobile apps that solve the many pain-points our customers have.


Rebels Deconstructed podcast – more stories about people

Having constantly been on the hunt for new and innovative ways to inspire and motivate our team, last year we continued launching the Rebels Deconstructed podcast series. The reason? We figured it is a series that gives a voice to our own people and shares their incredible journeys and inspiring stories. From the challenges they faced, to the lessons they learned, these episodes are a true testament to the power of perseverance and the drive to succeed.

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or looking for a bit of motivation and inspiration, these podcast episodes are a must-listen. From founding startups and working with product teams to creative processes and finding inspiration, each episode is packed full of actionable advice and stories that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world.

A must-listen for anyone who wants to gain insights from industry experts and understand the journeys of successful professionals in the software development field and not only

Embarking on a more sustainable future

Perhaps our last significant move for the year 2022 was adding a sustainability officer in the department to prioritize environmental and social responsibility in the company. This decision was made in response to the company’s growth and the desire to fully integrate sustainability into our core values.

We are excited to have Miana Florian as our Sustainability Officer, working towards achieving sustainable development goals that align with the company’s vision. We perceive this as the right thing to do, a measure which will increase our focus on integrating sustainability across all areas of operations.

The goal is to have a positive impact on the environment, community, and society, and to create a brighter future for all.

Rebels with a cause

We said it once and we’ll keep saying it, being a Rebel means getting involved, rolling up your sleeves, and diving right into it.

Last year, we focused on care. It would be a lie to say that we only did it last year, we do it constantly, but 2022 felt like it needed extra attention.

We started off with self-caring, because again, in a time of even more uncertainty, a war at the borders, and miscommunication, we needed something to bring some inner peace. We did our yearly happiness week where each of us is paired with a colleague and has one job: making that colleague happy.

Later in the Spring, Minte Forte, Mircea Miclea, and Eusebiu Burcas were the ones we invited for some workshops on resilience, handling anxiety, and galloping through hardship from a financial point of view.

Last years’ edition of our annual Charity Yard Sale came with a twist–a furry twist. We wanted to turn our team’s attention to our four-legged friends and support two of the wonderful animal welfare NGOs in our community, NUCA focused on animal welfare, and Dog Assist, an NGO that focuses on therapy based on human-animal interaction.

It was an immense opportunity to declutter and connect with one another but also learn about these NGOs, about fostering, saving furry lives, and offering a helping hand. Everything that was in good condition was up for grabs—from clothing items to books, tableware, and so on.

The event was not only for our colleagues, but for our Rebel pets and families too.

Finally, we’ve organised our yearly rebelswithacause—a fun and effective mechanism of giving back.

Any rebel who wants to get involved can either put something up for auction, be it a product or a service, or auction for said product or service. The money raised through auctioning gets donated to a cause we choose together.

This time, we chose our partners at Little People, hoping we brought a smile through our effort. Some of the things auctioned by our colleagues’ sound something like a playdate with Laura’s dog, a sushi workshop, horseback riding lessons, a spa day at Ovi’s house, and many more. All the money we raised were donated to our partners at Little People, organization that offers psychosocial support programs for children and teenagers in 10 pediatric oncology wards from Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

RebelDot community

What’s next for 2023

As we look back on everything that we accomplished in 2022, it’s clear that the resilience and determination of our team shine through. The year brought new challenges, but we navigated through them together and came out stronger.

Our belief is that we are poised for significant growth and development in 2023, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Developing future leaders is a key focus of our efforts. It’s a win-win for the people involved and for the company as a whole. In order to reach our objectives and maintain our high standard of service, we must encourage leadership development among our ranks.

In 2023, we also plan to increase our internship opportunities. The community is important to us, therefore one way we give back is by mentoring those who are just starting out in the field of software development and giving them a chance to get valuable experience. This is beneficial for everyone involved, as the interns gain valuable experience and we have access to new ideas and perspectives that help us stay ahead of the curve.

Additionally, we’ll be focusing on scaling our internal communities of practice, engaging even more of our colleagues in communities such as React, React Native, Flutter, .NET or UX & UI Design to help us anticipate our customers’ needs and deliver exceptional results.

These communities foster knowledge sharing, collaboration, innovation, mentorship, and a positive work culture, providing a platform for our experts to exchange ideas, work together on projects, receive guidance from experienced colleagues, and continuously learn and grow.

Last but not least, we will hold our commitment to increasing the level of employee participation in company activities in order to create a more positive and supportive environment favorable to employee development and teamwork.

We are now excited for the journey ahead in 2023 and invite you to continue following along. Here’s to new adventures, continued growth, and making a positive impact in the world through technology.

Cheers to the future!

Dragos Cojocea


I am a tech marketing enthusiast, who strongly believes that creativity has an incontestable impact on the digital growth of a business. My aim is to become a Brand Strategist and for that I am currently striving to support startup founders in crafting human communication strategies for their B2B brands.

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