RebelDot in 2023: Unfolding the Story of a Remarkable Year

From being recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work” and stepping up our sustainability efforts to expanding our AI services by acquiring steepsoft, 2023 has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Reaching the end of 2023 felt like turning the final pages of a captivating book. 2023 was marked by considerable industry ups and downs, and at RebelDot we've experienced our share of plot twists and turning points, being the protagonists in a tale that was anything but predictable. We've navigated through challenges, celebrated milestones and we've found ways not only to adapt but excel. It's been a year where our determination to succeed was tested, and we're proud to say we've met these tests with firm commitment and creativity.  

From being recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work” and stepping up our sustainability efforts to expanding our AI services by acquiring steepsoft, 2023 has been nothing short of extraordinary.

So, sit back and join us as we leaf through the chapters of 2023, a year that was as challenging as it was rewarding, writing a story we're proud to share.

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Chapter 1: Rising to New Heights

Let’s kick off our year in review with a glimpse of the important recognitions we managed to achieve in 2023. We are grateful for what we accomplished, and we’re excited about what they mean for our future.

Being recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work”

At the beginning of 2023, we experienced a truly rewarding moment - being acknowledged as one of the 'Best Places to Work'. This award really speaks to the heart of what we do at RebelDot – creating an environment where people feel valued and excited to come to work. And to top it off, we were second in Best Places to Work Romania final list for 2023 and fifth in the overall Europe list. Isn’t that amazing? A big thank you to all our team members for turning this vision into a reality!

Moreover, we were included in Top30 Most Desired Employers in Cluj, the most complex study in the market that measures the level of attractiveness of local employers.

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Becoming a Microsoft Solutions Partner for App Development & Innovation with Azure

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, RebelDot harnesses Azure's innovative capabilities to deliver tailored, industry-specific solutions that enhance our clients' growth and efficiency. This partnership underscores our commitment to technological excellence, driving sustainable innovation, and equipping our clients with the tools for a cutting-edge, future-proof business.

Expanding Our Reach – DK, DACH, and UK  

2023 was a year of new partnerships for RebelDot, each aimed at extending our presence across various regions. We established a key collaboration to expand our business in the DACH region, bolstering our efforts in Northern Europe by welcoming an experienced leader to our Nordic branch. Additionally, our team in the UK was strengthened with a new VP of Growth, enhancing our strategic push in the UK market. These partnerships mark a significant step in our journey toward broader international reach and impact.

Welcoming steepsoft – Boosting Our AI Capabilities  

Acquiring steepsoft was definitely a highlight of this year, a move that significantly enhances our AI capabilities. This addition is a game-changer for us, enabling us to tackle more complex projects and deliver even more innovative solutions.

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Fastest-Growing Companies – Recognized by the Financial Times

We were excited to be ranked 210th in the Financial Times Top 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe. This accomplishment underscores our emerging status as a key technology player in the European market. We're especially proud to be among the four Romanian companies on this esteemed list, indicating our commitment, resilience, and positive impact on the European economy.

Our achievements in 2023 prove our dedication to excellence in the tech industry. These successes reflect our team's devotion and pave the way for an even more innovative and impactful future.

Chapter 2: Stepping Up our Sustainability Efforts

Having celebrated our trailblazing achievements and milestones, let's shift our focus to an equally vital aspect of our journey – our sustainability efforts.

In 2023, we took significant steps toward sustainability, demonstrating our commitment to building a more sustainable future and our desire to engage the local community. Our mission is to become one of the most sustainable software service companies in the world, and we are not afraid to embrace this challenge. So, what were last year’s highlights in our sustainable journey?

Launching Our First Sustainability Report  

2023 marked a milestone with the release of our first Sustainability Report. While we acknowledge that our current efforts are just the beginning, we are optimistic that our strong commitment to sustainability will increasingly lead to significant positive impacts as we move forward.

Recognition in Sustainable Practices – EcoVadis Assessment

A proud moment for us was being awarded the Silver medal in the EcoVadis Assessment, placing us in the top 25% of companies assessed by EcoVadis. It highlights our success in implementing effective sustainability practices and sets a benchmark for our continuous improvement.

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Achieving ISO 14001 Certification  

In 2023, we also got the ISO 14001 certification. We managed to obtain it within months of our decision, showcasing our pledge to make a difference and setting an example.  

Leading the Line in Engaging the Local Community

Throughout 2023, we took significant steps to not only integrate sustainability into our core business practices but also to lead and inspire others in our community. Sustainability extends beyond our office walls and into the wider world, where collaboration, innovation, and leadership play crucial roles. The last year has been marked by several key events and partnerships, each reflecting our resolve not just to participate in but also to actively drive and shape the sustainability dialogue. Let’s explore some of these impactful initiatives that marked our journey towards a more sustainable future.

  • Building Resilience for #SustainableGrowth event at our HQs: Partnering with the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce, we hosted this event, leading the conversation on sustainable business practices and encouraging collaborative efforts among companies to enhance their environmental initiatives.
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  • IT’s Way Towards Sustainability Panel: Tudi, our CEO, brought RebelDot's vision to the forefront at the Cluj IT Cluster event, discussing strategies for integrating sustainability into the tech sector and highlighting our company's initiatives in this area.
  • Youth Speak Forum Participation: Miana, our Sustainability Officer, represented RebelDot at this AIESEC Romania event, sharing insights on the role individuals play in creating a socially responsible world and inspiring young leaders to incorporate eco-friendly practices in their future endeavors.
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  • Cluj-Napoca Net Zero Cities Coalition: By joining this coalition, we are committed to contributing to Cluj-Napoca's goal of achieving net-zero emissions, as we’re trying to make a positive impact on the local environment.
  • United Nations Global Compact: Participating in this renowned global initiative shows our alignment with universal sustainability principles, further cementing our commitment to responsible business practices on a global scale.

Sustainable Choices for the Holidays  

In 2023, we crafted our holiday gifts with sustainability in mind. Every item was selected for being eco-friendly or locally made. Our aim was to provide an enjoyable gift that promotes an eco-conscious lifestyle, choosing products from local artisans and responsible companies only.

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Planting our Future

The most fun part of our green initiatives was the massive Forestation Event near Cluj, where we planted 5000 trees alongside 100 Rebels. Responsibility for the environment is one of the values that guide our strategy as a business and community, and we were grateful to have the opportunity to invest our time and resources into such a meaningful event.

And this is not all. During the Noaptea Companiilor event, we promised to plant a tree for every visitor coming by our office. We added 124 trees to our initial goal of 5000 thanks to everybody who visited us during the event.

We're excited to continue this journey, so stay tuned for some exciting news coming in 2024!

Chapter 3: Heart of Our Community

With our sustainability initiatives well underway, the heart of our community has never been stronger. Next, we turn to the core of what makes RebelDot so special: our people. Let’s explore the diverse and impactful community initiatives that have brought us closer together and deepened our connection to the causes we care about.

We've always believed in the power of connection, of giving back, and of building a community that goes beyond the boundaries of our work. In 2023, we've put these beliefs into action, diving into a series of initiatives that have brought us closer to the people and the causes we care about.

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Launching the Community Meetups

At RebelDot, our mission has always been to not only create innovative products but also to nurture and inspire the minds that fuel our industry. One of the most exciting developments in 2023 was the launch of our Community Meetups, starting with the incredibly successful flutter_talks. They reflect our dedication to ensuring every developer, whether a novice or a veteran, finds a stage to express, share their hurdles, and revel in their triumphs.

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Pedalling alongside MTB Odyssey Apuseni Race 2023

Sponsoring the MTB Odyssey Apuseni Race in 2023 aligned with our company’s continuous efforts to encourage community growth, resilience, and the pursuit of an active and healthy lifestyle. At RebelDot, we want to engage our communities through initiatives like these – where people come together, break boundaries, and, most importantly, enjoy the thrill of the ride.  

Rebels With a Cause – Using Our Creativity to Give Back

In 2023, our team rallied together, organizing a series of fundraising events with the unified goal of helping the Little People Association, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and young people with cancer.

Here’s a snapshot of our impactful internal initiatives this year:

  • Cook For a Smile: Combining our love for cooking with our spirit of giving, we hosted the Cook For a Smile event. Our talented team members whipped up an array of delicious dishes, which were then purchased by fellow colleagues in a bid to raise as much as we could for this noble cause.
  • The Yard Sale at Alverna: In an effort to contribute further, we held our most heartfelt yard sale at the Alverna office. Colleagues brought in items to sell, transforming personal belongings into funds for a greater purpose.
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  • Rebels With a Cause Auction: Our well-known auction reached new heights last year. From painting classes and 3D Resin Printing Services to cherished family recipes, the auction offered a variety of unique items. We're proud to say that we raised a record sum of 40475 RON.

These initiatives in 2023 not only brought us together as a team but also underscored our commitment to making a difference in the community, and staying true to the Rebel spirit of togetherness.

Chapter 4: Rebel Celebrations

Our community involvement in 2023 has been a source of immense pride and joy. But the celebration doesn't stop there. In this chapter, we’ll share the festive highlights of the year, how we’ve celebrated our milestones, and the vibrant culture that defines RebelDot.

RebelFest – Celebrating Five Years of Success  

Our 5th anniversary was a momentous occasion, and we celebrated it in style with the RebelFest rooftop party. It was a night to remember, filled with laughter, music, and stories that encapsulated five years of growth.  

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Saying Goodbye to our Alverna Office

2023 marked an exciting transition with the closure of our Alverna office - a celebration of our progress as we've outgrown our cosy pandemic-era space. We bid farewell with a fantastic party, cherishing every good moment spent there. Now, we're stepping into a fresh and thrilling phase, brimming with anticipation for the surprise we have in store for the near future. Stay tuned – exciting things are on the horizon!

Celebrating Togetherness  

Our year started with a flourish of joy and creativity during 'Happiness Week' in February, where our colleagues partnered in pairs to spark joy in each other's lives through lots of creative ideas. This week-long event saw team members engaging in creative interactions, aiming to brighten each other's days. Following this celebration of happiness, we welcomed the beginning of spring with our 'Swing Into Spring' event. Held at our office, this gathering was a cheerful salute to the new season, where colleagues had the chance to meet in a relaxed atmosphere and catch up with one another.  

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A Nostalgic Trip and a Magical Christmas  

The Nostalgia Party took us on a delightful journey back in time, while the Kids Christmas Party spread holiday cheer among our youngest Rebels and their families. And to finish off this year in style, our cinema Noir-themed Christmas party took us straight into the glamorous world of a classic film set with the Rebels as the shining stars.  

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These events were a celebration of our community, our shared memories, and the joy of being part of the RebelDot family.

Chapter 5: Growing Stronger Together

From joyous celebrations to continuous growth, our journey through 2023 has been nothing short of inspirational. In the next chapter, we focus on how we’ve grown stronger together, expanding our team and nurturing talent, which has been instrumental in shaping our success and will continue to drive our future business.

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Internship Stories: Building Future Experts    

Our internship programs in QA (7 interns onboarded) and .NET development (5 interns onboarded) were a true success. We've had the pleasure of mentoring bright, aspiring professionals, helping them to lay a solid foundation for their careers in tech. Many of our interns have now become full-on Rebels, bringing fresh perspectives and energy to our team.

Welcoming New Faces: Expanding Our Rebel Family  

One of the most exciting aspects of 2023 was welcoming 53 new members to the RebelDot family. Each new Rebel has brought their unique skills and experiences, adding to the diversity and innovation of our team.

Empowering Rebels: A Focus on our Wellbeing Initiatives

In 2023 the wellbeing of our team was held in the highest regard. Throughout the year, we introduced a variety of initiatives aimed at boosting the physical, financial, and emotional health of our Rebels. Some of our favorite highlights in 2023 include:  

  • Financial Wellbeing workshops for smarter money management.
  • The '10,000 steps per day' challenge in May rewarding the most active Rebels.
  • The 'Unwind and Relax' workshop where our Rebels learned stress-reduction techniques like muscle relaxation and mindfulness.
  • The Emotional Management workshop led by Prof. Dr. Aurora Szentágotai-Tătar for better emotional resilience.
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Change is a constant in the tech world, and we welcome it with open arms and a mindset geared toward the future. We're genuinely excited about embracing new technologies, deepening our impact in community projects, and nurturing a work culture that sparks creativity, teamwork, and outstanding performance.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are buzzing with ideas and plans that promise to elevate our services, deepen our community involvement, and enhance our technological prowess. Our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community will continue to be at the forefront as we navigate new challenges and seize exciting opportunities.

As we step into 2024, RebelDot is more than ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We're on a mission to continue writing our story and inspire those around us!

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